BiTGApps for Android

I have this in mind for a quiet long time. Then i found someone combining three different BiTGApps versions into one. This is somewhat work and chances of errors are there. Even before this, i have several requests on adding some more Google App. It have a been a challenge on, What to Put and What to Remove. So i came up with General set of extra Google Apps in Variants which has replacement of AOSP version. Since the community is huge and some still wants more than what is available. Custom builds are now available for ALL!

It's a PAID feature and costs $3 for Nine Custom builds.

What is included

  • You will have nine custom builds for Android Nougat to Android 14.
  • You can have Google Apps of Your choice from our available Google Apps list.
  • No one other than You can access Your custom build.
  • Your custom builds hosted on a dedicated server.
  • You can have Battery Optimization for Google Apps in Custom Build.
  • Dedicated homepage with downloads and details of custom builds.
  • Access to older builds even after consecutive orders.
  • Dedicated username will be assigned from our side.
  • Turn custom build into Magisk or KernelSU module.

What is not needed

  • No need of Github account. It is built with ease-of-use in mind.
  • It is a hassle free process and there is no configuration file to Edit.
  • You don't have to go through all those extensive documentation.

Available Google Apps

Android Auto
Google Assistant
Google Calculator
Google Calendar
Google Chrome
Google Contacts
Google Clock
Google Dialer
Google Drive
Google Keyboard
Google Mail
Google Maps
Google Markup
Google Messaging
Google Photos
Google TTS
Google WebView
Google Wellbeing

Want Custom Builds ?

First send $3 to our PayPal account then send selected Google Apps on mail.

But first we need to confirm Payment. Also send those details on mail.

Send Mail

You can also reach us from below links.

BiTGApps XDA Forums BiTGApps Telegram Chat BiTGApps Discord Chat BiTGApps Reddit Chat BiTGApps Matrix Chat BiTGApps for Android

Your custom build then Prepared and Private link will be sent over mail.
Overtime we can add more Google Apps than what is available at the moment. Since it is no longer a headache for us to maintain different versions.
BiTGApps for Android